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Fitnet offers innovative products and services driving digital transformation across industries. Our solutions empower businesses to optimize processes, enhance customer experiences, and unlock growth opportunities. From cloud computing and AI to IoT and beyond, our team tailors digital strategies to align with your objectives. Partner with us to transform your business and achieve competitive advantage.

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We pride ourselves on being visionary business angels, committed to nurturing groundbreaking startups and innovative entrepreneurs. With a keen focus on fostering growth, we provide not just capital, but a wealth of resources, mentorship, and strategic advice to help visionary businesses soar.

Our extensive network and industry expertise enable us to offer tailored support, guiding startups through the complexities of scaling up in today’s competitive landscape. Whether it’s technology, healthcare, sustainability, or any sector with the potential to make a significant impact, we’re here to turn ambitious ideas into reality.

Join us to embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success, backed by partners who believe in your vision as much as you do.

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We stand at the forefront of innovation, offering cutting-edge products and services that are shaping the future. As we continue to expand and evolve, we are actively seeking investment opportunities to fuel our growth and bring our visionary solutions to a wider audience.

Our portfolio showcases a commitment to excellence and a passion for breakthroughs that address real-world challenges. By investing in us, you join a dynamic journey of progress and impact, backed by a team dedicated to revolutionizing industries and enhancing lives. We offer our investors not just the potential for significant returns, but the opportunity to be part of a legacy of change.

Discover the possibilities with us and explore how your investment can drive technological advancements and sustainable growth.

Digital Transformation Partner

We position ourselves as your trusted digital transformation partner, guiding businesses through the journey of digital evolution. Our mission is to empower organizations to embrace digital change, optimizing processes, enhancing customer experiences, and unlocking new growth avenues.

With a focus on cutting-edge technologies like AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and IoT, our team of experts crafts bespoke digital strategies that align with your specific business goals. We believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, ensuring a seamless transition and sustainable success.

Whether you’re looking to modernize legacy systems, streamline operations, or innovate your service offerings, we’re here to turn your digital aspirations into reality. Partner with us to reshape your business for the digital era and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Digitalization of beekeeping sector

We're actively integrating digital technologies and tools to elevate different facets of beekeeping practices.

Scale Scout

BeeCare Systems for Beekeepers

Bee Care Digital Systems are designed to support beekeepers in hive maintenance. There are three different types of devices available, depending on the beekeeper's needs.

BeeCare GPS tracking device for beekeepers

BeeCare GPS tracker: A simple, small, and highly effective device for protecting hives and ensuring their location is always known, enabling easy retrieval in case of theft.

Book Your Honey - the certified high quality honey

With the 'Book Your Honey' mobile application, honey enthusiasts can order natural and certified honey tested in a laboratory for honey quality.

BeeConnect: advertising portal for beekeepers in the west balkan area

The first portal for beekeepers in the region, offering opportunities to buy, sell, rent, exchange equipment, establish contacts, collaborate and much more.
Find Your Bee Keeper

Find Your Beekeeper - service for hobby beekeepers and honey lovers

A service connecting hobbyist beekeepers with professionals who lack the time, knowledge, or experience but want to produce their own honey.
Scale Scout

Bee Care Scale Scout - service for beekeepers

A service that enables beekeepers to monitor pasture conditions in the field, allowing them to react promptly and relocate their hives on time for increased honey yields.

We are working on digitalisation of beekeping sector.

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