Digital technologies and new industrial revolution are changing our lives, the way we work, travel or shop - all aspects of our live are affected by this transformation.

But how the future will look like no one can really predict. Will robots help us to make our live better, to have more free time for our families, our hobbies, our interests or will robots just take our jobs?! No one can say that today.

We have decided not to wait and see what will happen in the future then to enjoy this development and start to redefine the future in the way we like. Join us!

We are your Business Angel if you are an enterpreuner, have a great idea and looking for a seed capital.

We are your Outsourcing & Implementation Partner if you are looking for a agile, lean and competent partner to implement your great strategy.

We are your Investment Partner if you looking for great investment opportunites - ability to join some succesful projects in the expansion stage.

We are your Digital Transformation Partner if you are an established company and looking for new distruptive business models.

Digital Services.

For Enterpreuners & Startups

You are an enterpreuner, have a great idea and looking for a seed capital or you are a digital startup company and looking for a nearshore partner to extend your workforce capacity in digital area.

For Investors

You are an investor and looking for your next investment in area of digital services and products. Then come and join us!

For Established Companies

You are an established company and looking for agile, lean and competent partner for your digital transformation.



You are a service quality assurance company in the telco area and looking for a skillfull partner in the nearshore for the first level support.


You are a telco company and need the support in selecting of right service quality monitoring system, analysing test data created by such systems and defining sustained quality assurance strategy.


You are a provider of a service quality monitoring system for telco domain and looking for a strong sales and consulting partner with established customers connections in area of former Yugoslavia.



Leveraging digital technologies such as internet of things, artificial intelligence and low power wide area network to improve the beekeeping processes.
Portfolio 6


Give a napkin a voice. Use napkins in combination with QR code as a advertising chanel. Unique interface between online and offline world. Great Idea!
Portfolio 7

The first digital ecosystem for beekeepers

sales & marketing service | hive monitoring & maintenance | beekeeper education
Portfolio 7

golden bee

Organic food directly from the producer, organic honey directly from beekeeper - the highest transparency in the food industry using digital technologies.
Portfolio 6


The next level of couponing using mobile technologies, QR code, cloud and artificial intelligence - easy to use, no need of prepayment, no need of coupon-printing.
Portfolio 5


Groupon model - digital marketing by leveraging power of enterprise social networks.
Portfolio 7